If a project or series is updated/added to, do I get access to that new content as part of my original purchase?

Yes! Once purchased, you will have complete access to that specific project or series, as well as access to any additional content or resources that get added to that project or series.

If I buy the Lifetime Access bundle for $249.99, will I have automatic access to any new projects, series or resources that Make it at Home puts on the site?

Yes! The Lifetime Access bundle grants you complete access to all current and yet to be published Make it at Home content and resources for life. This is a fantastic deal, as when more content is added to the site, the price of the Lifetime Access Bundle will increase for new buyers.

What  is the Return Policy?

All purchases have a three day refund policy. Just email  miah@urbanworkshop.net  requesting a refund within 72 hours and you will be completely refunded within 2 business days.

How do I delete my account?

If for any reason you wish to delete your Make it at Home account, email  miah@urbanworkshop.net  requesting an account deletion. You will be removed from our site and lose access to the free introduction videos and all purchases you have made.