Make it at Home offers quality content for those who love to create! From fundamental skills with many maker mediums to advanced follow along projects, our professional instructors will guide you through every detail of the making process.

This content has been developed by the team at Urban Workshop, one of America’s largest maker spaces, over the last four years. Our professional instructors have taught these classes in person to hundreds of students in that time.

Our content is organized into three categories:

Free Introduction Videos

are available to all members for free, and cover making basics across a wide spectrum of skills, from woodworking, to sewing.


are step by step video series going over a specific project from start to finish. The instructor will walk you through every step of the process, from what tools and materials you will need to final finishing. Projects also include downloadable parts lists, materials lists, and technical drawings.


are much like projects, but cover a specific maker medium, not a specific object. Instructors will start with safety basics, and then teach you more advanced skills and best practices for working with that material or tool.

Projects or series can be purchased individually for a one time fee. As Make it at Home continues to grow, additional content and resources will be added to projects and series.

Now come make with us!